30 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

OL-55 On-Line Tensiometer

By continuously measuring surface tension, the OL-55 monitors the level of surface active chemical additives in water-based process liquids. Based on the information from the measurement the operator can either manually dose chemicals into the process or the optional auto-dosing system can be used.On-line tensiometerContinuous monitoring of surface tension and other parameters, including pH, temperature, and conductivity, in various process liquids for optimising the dosing of chemicalsRugged design for factory applicationsFully automatic computer controlled operationPatented technologyBenefitsEliminates overdosing of surfactants - reducing costsControls processes - improves efficiency and qualityReduces waste and improves yieldImproves environmental controlExtends chemical lifetime in processesSpecificationsSurface tension measuring range20 to 80 mN/mResolution0.1 mN/mUpdate time for liquid3 minutes from change in process liquidTemperature measuring range (optional)15 to 85°CpH measuring range (optional)2 to 14Flow rate18 l/hSelf-cleaning filterStandard 100 μm (others by request)Voltage100-240 V (automatic) 50/60 HzPower consumpiton< 60 WFuses315 mADimensions544 x 428 x 236 mm (H x L x D)Optional featuresOn-line pH monitoringOn-line conductivity monitoringOn-line process temperature measurementAutomatic dosing of surfactants and clean water based on measurement data

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