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Delta Electronics

CDM Electronics is the premier stocking distributor for Delta's complete line of RF connectors and RF adapters. Delta Electronics manufactures 70 different series of RF Coaxial connectors, from miniature SMP connectors to high-power types (LC and LT). Delta also manufactures over 200 types of military RF connectors and adapters, compliant and QPL'd to MIL-PRF-39012, and Mil-PRF-55339.
Delta Electronics connectors are competitively cross referenced to cross Anritsu, Astrolab, Dynawave, EF Johnson, Southwest, Rosenberger, S.G. McGeary or SV Microwave equivalents.
Contact CDM for modifications, cable assembly and kitting programs.

Delta Electronics ConnectorsDelta Electronics ConnectorsDelta Electronics Connectors

Featured Products:

Delta Electronics SSMC Connectors
SSMC Microminiature Connectors
Delta Electronics SSMC connectors are ideal for use in limited-space applications that require rugged design of a threaded coupling interface. These microminiature, 50-ohm connectors have 6-40 threaded coupling and are suited for use in demanding applications up to 12.4 GHz.
Product Information:SSMC Connector Brochure    http://www.cdmelectronics.com/delta-electronics
 CDM Catalog: Delta Electronics Connectors

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Electric cars move closer to your garage

AOL Autos) -- At the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and MINI showed the world what electric vehicles of the future will look like. And the future of driving looks fun.
Those in the know realize that sometime in the future, the vast majority of light cars and trucks in the US will feature electric final drive systems.
The motors used in these systems will be powered by batteries, fuel cells, on-board generators, and perhaps even the sun ... but this open issue doesn't change the inevitably of this reality.
Given our current economic times, reality demands practical, tangible, and achievable ideas of what electric vehicles (or "EVs" for short) might actually look like. This is it...
Three of the four electric vehicles Chrysler showed in Detroit, Michigan, were shown at other events and even to Washington bureaucrats. Each of these vehicles is a running prototype, not some pie-in-the-sky-we'll-never-build that idea.
ENVI is the special group of engineers at Chrysler that develops the company's EVs. To date, the ENVI group has developed four electrically powered models, each quite different from the other: a Dodge Circuit EV sports car (rear-wheel drive), a Chrysler Town & Country minivan (front-wheel-drive), a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (all-wheel-drive), and now a Jeep Patriot (front-wheel-drive).
Chrysler promises to offer at least one of these models in 2010, and three more by 2013. AOL Autos: Dodge Circuit EV photos
Chrysler approaches electric vehicles with simple plug-and-play engineering. Every one of their vehicles uses similar electric drive motors (only varying in power output), advanced lithium-ion batteries, and a power management controller. Each plugs in to 110- or 220-volt household outlets for recharging.
The Chrysler and both Jeeps use an on-board range-extending battery charger (a generator). This generator automatically turns on after the vehicle's initial batter charge has been spent (usually within a range of 40 miles), supplying extra voltage that give these three vehicles an estimated range of approximately 400 miles. The generator is powered by a small gasoline-powered engine that runs with exceptional efficiency.
This technology is similar in concept to what General Motors has shown in their Chevrolet Volt, a vehicle that should be ready for production in 2010. AOL Autos: Cadillac Converj photos
The Dodge Circuit carries a larger battery pack and no generator, so its range on the charge it carries is approximately 150-200 miles. Its large battery pack combined with compact dimensions and the exceptional torque provided by its electric motor blast the car from zero-to-sixty mph in around four seconds ... exceptionally fast for any sports car regardless of engine type.
Mercedes-Benz used the 2009 Detroit Auto Show to showcase their Concept BlueZERO vehicles. The Mercedes approach was to develop one efficient body style, and then equip it with three different electric drive packages. AOL Autos: Mercedes Stirling Moss photos
Much of the hardware for the all-electric front-wheel-drive propulsion units is built into what Mercedes calls "sandwich-floor" architecture that the company uses on several production cars. The design helps keep heavy components mounted low on the chassis for better handling, enhanced safety, and maximized interior room.
All three Concept BlueZERO vehicles include electric drive and batteries. The E-Cell uses a large battery pack that is said to deliver a range of 120 miles. The F-Cell utilizes a smaller battery pack, but supplements the vehicle's range with a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell produces electricity to recharge the battery pack that extends cruising range to 240 miles.
The E-Cell Plus, with a range of approximately 360 miles, is the distance champion. The key is the on-board generator powered by tiny 1-liter turbo-charged three-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine and generator are located in the rear of the BlueZERO.
For the record, when you see photos of these cars together, the E-Cell is lime green, the F-Cell is mint green, and the E-Cell Plus is orange.
Adding to its line of popular hybrid vehicles in the U.S., Toyota just confirmed plans to add as many as 10 new gas/electric hybrid vehicles in the next few years.
On their way toward that goal, Toyota showed their all-new, third-generation Prius plus the new Lexus HS250H. AOL Autos: 2010 Toyota Prius photos
Important to this story, Toyota also committed to selling a battery powered electric car in 2012 for the U.S. market.
Toyota debuted what their all-electric vehicle might be at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, and it's an urban commuter called the FT-EV. The little four-seater is based on Toyota's popular iQ, a car that's already a hit in Japan. The good news is that the iQ is a real car, so the FT-EV will not be a glorified golf cart or a neighborhood vehicle with severely limited capabilities. The claimed range for the FT-EV is 50 miles.
As we went to press, details were still sketchy about the FT-EV's running gear. As Toyota releases more details, we'll bring them to you.
While standard MINI models like the Cooper are comparatively easy on gas compared to larger cars, under the ownership of parent company BMW, MINI is testing the limits of how green a MINI can be. AOL Autos: 2010 BMW Z4 photos
Perhaps following the performance of the stunt cars used in The Italian Job (2003), BMW decided to investigate a battery-powered MINI. They introduced the MINI E coupe last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the car was on display again in Detroit.
The "charged" MINI E can run up to 150 miles on a full battery pack. Charging is accomplished through standard 110- or 220-volt outlets. The electrified MINI weighs 600 pounds more than a standard MINI Cooper and because of the bulk of the required battery pack, the interior seats only two. Performance from the 204-horsepower motor equals the gas-powered MINI, with a 0-60 mph run in 8.5 seconds.
BMW will produce only 500 MINI Es for the United States (if it were easy to make electric MINIs, they'd make more). The limited-production run will be split between New York and L.A. on one-year closed-end leases. After the leases expire, BMW will ship the MINIs back to Germany for evaluation. This scenario mimics what General Motors did with their EV1 electric vehicle about a decade ago.

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crezy canta


Zealous Customer SupportEdgeos believes in earning your trust and maintaining our business relationship by constantly providing you with superior value, quality, and service. We are relentless about always meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. If you are ever less than 100% satisfied with our relationship, or Edgeos' platform-enabled services, please let us know immediately. We want the opportunity to try and make things right.

About Edgeos, IncorporatedEdgeos, Incorporated is a network and information security technology company focused solely on enabling technology and network services organizations to provide security services to their customers through the Edgeos private labeled security services platform.

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coriolis flow meter

Coriolis meters are becoming ever more popular as some companies are using the technology as a complete solution for Coriolis flow, density, and even concentration measurement. Newer Coriolis meter technologies can handle measurements even in entrained gas conditions. Flow and density go hand in hand with this technology . Many coriolis meters now offer High precision, basic measurement, hygienic, compact, high pressure, high temperature, drainable with density output options.

Corioilis flowmeters are used in a wide range of applications in the oil and gas /petrochemical , food industry and general industries due to their ability to measure mass flow.

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dakato ultrasonics

MINI-MAX, Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitor, defines the state of the art in the measurement of the actual elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener. The MINI-MAX can measure the elongation very accurately in fasteners of virtually any material from 1/2 inch to 4 feet in length. The measurement is achieved by determining the change in the transit time, of an ultrasonic shock wave along the length of the fastener as the fastener is tightened by any method. The on-board microcomputer automatically interprets this time measurement to display the time(nanoseconds), elongation, load, stress, or %strain from stretching a fastener.Welcome to the Dakota Ultrasonics website!We are a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment most commonly used in the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and other generally related industries. The pages that follow will provide you with general information regarding our products. If you have any questions, need technical support, or have a request for custom items, please contact us at your leisure using the information provided on this site.Our products are commonly used to determine the thickness of a variety of materials by making contact with only one side of the material being tested. They have the ability to detect very fine pits, flaws, and porosity in materials without having to destroy the material or parts being tested. This is done by converting the transit time of a sound wave, sent into and reflecting back from a defect or opposite surface in the test material, into a length measurement. This technique uses principles similar to that of sonar.We also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very accurately measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners. These products are typically used in critical bolting applications where extreme accuracy is needed. If you have any specific or specialized bolting applications in mind, be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Robotic suit helps paralyzed walk


LONDON, England (CNN) -- A new robotic suit could transform the lives of paralyzed people, giving them the ability to walk again.

The invention, known as ReWalk, acts like a kind of exoskeleton. It consists of lightweight, motorized leg supports and an assortment of intricate motion sensors.
Users wear a backpack that holds a computerized control box which helps the medical device recognize when a step needs to be taken.
"Standing changes my whole environment. I don't have to look from the bottom up. Now I am eye to eye with everybody," Radi Kaiof, who has used the device, told CNN.
Kaiof, a former Israeli soldier, was paralyzed from the waist down 20 years ago. He doesn't have feeling in his legs but is still able to move with the use of the robotic suit
With the assistance of crutches, which offer balance and support, people paralyzed from the waist down can walk, bend, sit and even climb stairs when they wear the suit.
The futuristic invention offers an alternative to using a wheelchair for those who have functioning upper bodies and are capable of standing with the use of supports.
It is the creation of Dr. Amit Goffer, an engineer and founder of Haifa, Israel-based high-tech firm Argo Medical Technologies. Goffer was inspired to create the device more than a decade ago after he became disabled in an accident.
The medical technology that could help paraplegics do what was once considered impossible isn't available for purchase yet. The device wasn't ready for testing until late 2007 and currently is in clinical trials in Tel Aviv.
More trials are planned for the United States and Europe, and if the product receives the necessary approvals, it could hit the market in 2010.
The price of the device hasn't been set yet, but is expected to be comparable with the typical average yearly expense of using a wheelchair.
The robotic suit improves the quality of life of people paralyzed from the waist down, according to Goffer, who wanted to give paraplegics an alternative to using a wheelchair. It also benefits their overall health since it keeps their bodies active all day long, he says.
But when it comes down to it, the invention is all about helping people regain respect. Dignity is "the No. 1 problem" for people who use wheelchairs, says Goffer.
For Kaiof, the former soldier, the robotic suit has changed his life. Before he tried it on, his daughter had never seen him stand before.
When he stood before her for the first time, she couldn't believe just how tall he was, he recounted to CNN.


In the post-9/11 era, Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation and compliance to AML requirements have become key focus areas for banks, law firms, asset management firms, auditors and similar regulated service providers. World-Check, the leading global AML intelligence solution, provides an overview of AML compliance and the laws underlying this area of regulatory compliance.

According to the latest KPMG Global Anti Money Laundering Survey, published in 2007, a staggering US$ 1 trillion per year is being laundered by financial criminals, drugs dealers and arms traffickers worldwide. With this much laundered money in the wrong hands, criminal syndicates are able to expand their operations, resulting in more violence, higher levels of addiction and a range of related socio-economic problems throughout the world.

Laundered money is also known to finance highly coordinated international terrorist activities; a phenomenon that poses a clear and present danger to worldwide political and economic stability.

As such, Anti Money Laundering and the Combating of Terrorist Financing (CTF) can only be treated as pressing objectives of global concern. A sharp worldwide increase in the amount of wealth in private hands, combined with the multinational expansion of leading financial institutions, further necessitated the expansion of supranational legislation and law enforcement structures to combat money laundering and related financial crimes.

History of Anti Money Laundering Compliance Laws

Although AML compliance has been accentuated by recent global developments, it is by no means a new regulatory issue. Modern Anti Money Laundering regulations are to a large extent informed by the earlier experiences of the Swiss banking community, where financial scandals involving the likes of Nigeria’s General Sani Abacha and the Philippines’ Marcos family resulted in extremely bad publicity for the institutions involved.

The arrival of the new millennium was marred by a series of coordinated acts of terrorism and a number of massive corporate scandals involving the likes of Enron and Riggs formerly a leading American financial institution.

These events highlighted the fact that money laundering had taken on epic proportions over time, and that the proliferation of new technologies and communication platforms had created countless opportunities for fraud, money laundering and other elicit financial activities. They also accentuated the need to “know your customers”, and led to the creation and implementation of a range of KYC and AML laws aimed at preventing financial criminals from accessing and abusing financial systems.

Given the fact that the greatest majority of criminal activities generating profits only start generating a traceable paper trail once funds are introduced into the financial system, it was deemed necessary to approach AML compliance and law enforcement in a way that clamped down on abuses of the world’s official banking and financial systems. To this end, regulatory, legislative and law enforcement agencies set out to create an AML compliance framework and cross-border law enforcement regime aimed at holding financial institutions accountable for their clients’ transactional activities.

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Sullivan and Sons

Sullivan and Sons
Our 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse is full of many types of instruments and valves ready to be rebuilt to your specifications. All of our products are rebuilt to exacting standards, then calibrated using some of the latest calibration technology available. Our products are then shipped to you looking like new and ready to install.
Sullivan and Sons, Inc. has been selling instrumentation and valves for over 20 years. Our remanufactured items sell for 40-75% off retail. We strive to provide quality products with quick lead times. The business of remanufactured instrumentation and valves is a competitive market and we differentiate ourselves by providing a superior product and customer service with a friendly attitude. We are a family owned business that truly cares about resolving your problems quickly and with minimal difficulties.

We have a full repair shop that services all major manufacturer brands. Just send us your instruments or valves and we will evaluate for FREE and give you a repair estimate. Our top-notch repair service will save you TIME and MONEY.
The repairs on our control valves include disassembly, sandblasting, resurfacing of gasket surfaces, replacement of all soft parts, replacement or repair of trim, reassembly, and shell and leak test. A two year warranty is available on our control valves.
Valve Repairs
Instrument Repairs
Our 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse is full of many types of instruments and valves ready to be rebuilt to your specifications. We recently upgraded our valve shop with the latest technology and we have additional personnel to increase our production and decrease our lead times.
All of our items are rebuilt to exacting standards, then calibrated using some of the latest calibration technology available. Our products are then shipped to you looking like new and ready to install. Sullivan and Sons..

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Ultrasonic concentration measurement

The process analyser PIOX® S determines the concentration or the density of liquids or further process quantities using ultrasounds. The sound velocity of the liquid is the primarily measured quantity for this task.
PIOX® S can be used to control the concentration of solutions or to monitor chemical reactions such as polymerization, crystallization, neutralization processes, phase separation processes, etc.
Through quality control or product detection, PIOX® can help you to reach higher quality and to optimize your process. Thanks to the continuous control of the process parameters, the periodical controls and spot tests belong to the past. The process can be controlled exactly, in case of the deviations from the target quantities, an immediate reaction is possible. A higher product quality is reached and the material, time and energy consumption is reduced.
The measurement can take place with wetted transducers or with non-intrusive clamp-on transducers. The clamp-on technology is ideal for the measurement of chemically aggressive, corrosive or ultrapure media.

Oxidizer Service


We are the leading resource for Thermal Oxidizer System Maintenance and Services.
Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services was founded in 1995 with over 5,000 projects completed today. We are first and foremost engineers. So when a problem arises in your oxidizer system, CCS&ES doesn't just treat the symptoms; we engineer long-lasting solutions. Whether that means responding to shutdown or installing a new or rebuilt unit into an existing process, we are dedicated to developing and implementing the optimum engineering solution.All projects begin with a thorough engineering evaluation, followed closely by a project proposal custom tailored to encompass the concerns of your business. Upon completion of your project CCS&ES will provide detailed follow-up documentation for your future reference, including drawings and technical information specific to your project.CCS&ES incorporates the latest oxidizer technology, next-generation products, and state-of-the-art installation techniques into every engineering project we undertake. Our expertise and attention to detail guarantee project success.

KYC Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance regulation has proved to be one of the biggest operational challenges banks, accountants, lawyers and similar financial service providers worldwide have had to overcome.World-Check, the industry standard KYC compliance solution, provides an overview of KYC compliance and its origins, and outlines the compliance mandate as applicable to banks, accounting firms, lawyers and other regulated financial service providers – not just in the UK, Europe and the USA, but all around the world. Relied upon by more than 3,000 institutions worldwide, this KYC database solution provides effective legal and reputational risk reduction.Why “Know Your Customer?”The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre revealed that there were sinister forces at work around the world, and that terrorists activities were being funded with laundered money, the proceeds of illicit activities such as narcotics and human trafficking, fraud and organised crime. Overnight, the combating of terrorist financing became a priority on the international agenda.For the financial services provider of the 21st century, “knowing your customers” was no longer a suggested course of action. Based on the requirements of legislative landmarks such as the USA PATRIOT Act 2002, modern Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance mandates were created to simultaneously combat money laundering and the funding of terrorist activities.What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?Know Your Customer, or KYC, refers to the regulatory compliance mandate imposed on financial service providers to implement a Customer Identification Programme and perform due diligence checks before doing business with a person or entity.KYC fulfils a risk mitigation function, and one its key requirements is checking that a prospective customer is not listed on any government lists for wanted money launders, known fraudsters or terrorists.If preliminary KYC checks reveal that the person is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), for example, Advanced Due Diligence must be done in order to ensure that the person’s source of wealth is transparent, and that he or she does not pose a reputational or financial risk in terms of their finances, public positions or associations. Beyond customer identification checks, the ongoing monitoring of transfers and financial transactions against a range of risk variables forms an integral part of the KYC compliance mandate.But to understand the importance of KYC compliance for financial service providers better, its origins need to be examined.Origins of Know Your Customer (KYC) complianceThe arrival of the new millennium was marred by a spate of terrorist attacks and corporate scandals that unmasked the darker features of globalisation. These events highlighted the role of money laundering in cross-border crime and terrorism, and underlined the need to clamp down on the exploitation of financial systems worldwide.Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation was principally not absent prior to 9/11. Regulated financial service providers for a long time have been required to conduct due diligence and customer identification checks in order to mitigate their own operation risks, and to ensure a consistent and acceptable level of service.In essence, the USA PATRIOT Act was not so much a radical departure from prior legislation as it was a firmer and more extensive articulation of existing laws. The Act would lead to the more rigorous regulation of a greater range of financial services providers, and expanded the authority of American law enforcement agencies in the fighting of terrorism, both in the USA and abroad.In October 2001, President George W. Bush signed off the USA PATRIOT Act, effectively providing federal regulators with a new range of tools and powers for fighting terror financing and money laundering. During July 2002, the US Treasury proceeded to introduce Section 326 of the PATRIOT Act, a clause that removed some key burdens for regulators and added significant enforcement muscle to the Act.What 9/11 changed, in essence, was the extent to which existing legislation was being implemented. Using the provisions of the earlier anti-terrorism USA Act as a foundation, it included the Financial Anti-Terrorism Act, which allowed for federal jurisdiction over foreign money launders and money laundered through foreign banks. Significantly, it is this anti-terror law that would make the creation of an Anti Money Laundering (AML) programme compulsory for all financial institutions and service providers.Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act dealt specifically with the identification of new customers (“CIP regulation”), and made extensive provisions in terms of KYC and the methods employed to verify client identities.In accordance with this piece of updated KYC legislation, federal regulators would hold financial institutions accountable for the effectiveness of their initial customer identification and ongoing KYC screening. Institutions are required to keep detailed records of the steps that were taken to verify prospective clients’ identities.Although current KYC legislation does not yet demand the exclusion of specific types of foreign-issued identification, it recommends the usage of machine-verifiable identity documents. The ability to notify financial institutions if concerns regarding specific types of identification were to arise, combined with a risk-based approach to KYC, proved to provide a robust mechanism for addressing security concerns.Effectively, the risk-based approach to customer due diligence grants regulated institutions a certain degree of flexibility to determine the forms of identification they will accept, and under which conditions.KYC compliance: Implications for banks, lawyers and accounting firmsThe KYC compliance mandate, for all its positive outcomes, has burdened companies and organisations with a substantial administrative obligation. Additionally, KYC compliance increasingly entails the creation of auditable proof of due diligence activities, in addition to the need for customer

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Europe's Car Market: The '06 Report Card

The big winners of the European car market in 2006 were Fiat, Lexus, and Volkswagen. The losers were Renault, Jaguar, Mercedes' Smart brand, and Nissan, according to the provisional full-year sales figures published by the European Auto Manufacturers Assn.
Fiat's dramatic rebound was the biggest story of the year, giving serious momentum to the turnaround drive of Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne. Sales of Fiat (FIA) brand cars soared 22.1% to 852,000 cars while Fiat's European market share jumped to 7.6%, up from 6.5% a year ago. Just two years ago, Fiat's sales were in freefall and losses over five years had hit $14 billion, prompting many experts to write off the Italian giant as bankrupt.
Even Fiat's struggling sister brands are starting to recover. Fiat Group sales, which include the Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands, rose 17.6% last year to 1.1 million cars. Alfa's sales jumped 12.2% to 143,307. Fiat Auto's recovery is a bitter pill for General Motors (GM) CEO Richard Wagoner, who paid Marchionne $2 billion in 2005 to cancel a put option that would have allowed Marchionne to sell Fiat to GM at a fair market price.
Marchionne's next big test is the launch later this month of the new Fiat Bravo compact, successor to the failed Stilo (see BusinessWeek.com, 7/25/06, "Fiat's Comeback—Is It for Real?").

Reversing a Slide

In the premium market, the spotlight was on Toyota's upmarket brand Lexus. In the 15 European Union countries, Lexus sales rose 72% in 2006 to 36,662 cars, and across the continent sales were up to 50,570. Lexus' market share in Western Europe hit 0.3%, up from 0.1% in 2005. That's still far behind BMW's 5.4%, Mercedes' 4.9%, and Audi's 4.3%, but Toyota (TM) is gaining ground fast, adding a flush of new models, and winning converts by offering top-flight service (see BusinessWeek.com, 6/2/06, "Toyota Pulls Rank in Britain").
New models such as the Passat and higher-performance variants of the Golf compact helped Volkswagen reverse last year's slide in Europe, boosting VW brand car sales 7.6% and total group sales by 6.2% to 2.9 million cars. The Golf ranked as Europe's fourth most popular car last year, with sales of 391,273, according to a preliminary forecast by market researcher Global Insight.
VW's premium unit Audi saw sales edge up 2.9% and VW's Czech-built Skoda brand gained 9.7%. All in all, VW was able to boost its market share in Western Europe to 19.9%, securing its long-running lead as Europe's largest auto group (see BusinessWeek.com, 11/22/06, "Power Play at VW").

What a Disappointment


Fiat's U-turn may have been the most dramatic story of the year, but Lexus and VW saw rising sales, while Renault and Jaguar had a rough ride

Renault's Clio subcompact was the single most popular car in Europe last year according to the Global Insight forecast, selling an estimated 425,190 vehicles. But the Clio's surge was not enough to counterbalance falling sales of Renault's main model family, the Megane. Zapped by its aging Megane, Renault's sales declined 12.6% in 2006, and its market share fell to 8.4%.
Nissan's European fortunes were equally dismal, with sales down 13% to 297,000. That's a headache for Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan, who has set ambitious growth goals for both automakers.
At Mercedes's Smart car division, sales plunged 22% as DaimlerChrysler (DCX) restructured the money-losing unit and eliminated the four-seater model, known as the Forfour. The two-seater Smart mini is expected to finally go on sale in the U.S. in 2008, where it will be the smallest car on the market. Whether gas prices are high or low at the time could dictate Smart's fate.
Times also were tough at Ford's (F) Jaguar unit. With questions circulating whether troubled Ford would sell the storied British sportscar-maker, European sales fell 11.2% in 2006 to 40,800 units. Sometimes having a great brand name isn't enough.

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Gold Prices Soar Record High In Europe, Economies Look Forward To US

Asia Bizz: Gold Prices Soar Record High In Europe, Economies Look Forward To US
The gold prices around the world has reached a record high price and the economies around the world are eying towards the wobbling US economy, that it can invest more in the bullion and undermine the dollar currency. It was a shock to see the gold prices touching $1,313.20/ounce in the US market.
Due to the rise in gold prices, other precious metal prices too rose sky high this week. Silver touched the highest in 30 years along with platinum which touched a four month high record in the market. There is no strong issue with the other metals but gold is proving to be a problem now.
Most of the world economies are unstable and with the rising gold prices this can make situations worse. Gold is an important asset in the country as it is used to stabilize the currency flow and credit back up for a particular nation. Economies are eying US, that it will invest in Gold and aim the metal as an important asset.

Çeyrek altın 105 liraya ulaştı


Yılbaşından buyana ons fiyatı sürekli artan altının, yatırımcısını sevindirmeye devam ettiği belirtilirken, imkanı olanların ise yatırım için döviz yerine altını tercih etmeleri istendi.
Ankara Kuyumcular ve Saatçiler Odası Başkanı Hasan Çavuşculu, AA muhabirine yaptığı açıklamada, altın fiyatlarındaki artışın sürdüğünü söyledi.
Son artışlarla birlikte 22 gram altın fiyatının 61 liraya ulaştığını anlatan Çavuşculu, esnafın yüksek fiyatlar nedeniyle bu aralar satış yerine daha çok alış yaptığını bildirdi.
Esnafın nakit sıkıntısının bulunmadığını belirten Çavuşculu, imkanı olan hem büyük hem de küçük tüm yatırımcılara altın almaları önerisinde bulundu.
31 grama denk gelen ons fiyatının, Ocak 15’te bin 137 dolar, Martta bin 106 dolar, geçen ay ise bin 269 olduğunu anımsatan Çavuşculu, şöyle konuştu:
“Şu an altının ons fiyatı bin 300 doları geçti. Bu rakamların önümüzdeki aylarda bin 500 dolara ulaşmasını bekliyoruz. Yıllardır en iyi yatırım aracı olan altın, bu özelliğini artırarak koruyor. Eğer imkanınız varsa fırsatı kaçırmayın. Dövizdeki ani çıkış ve yükselişler, özellikle küçük yatırımcılar için güvenli değil. Buna karşılık altın, diğer yatırım araçlarına oranla, yatırımcılar için daha güvenli bir alternatif olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. Çünkü döviz inişli çıkışlı bir seyir izliyor ve sosyal olaylardan fazlasıyla etkileniyor. Yani dünyanın herhangi bir yerindeki gelişme ekonomilerle birlikte dövizleri etkiliyor. Bunun zaman zaman yaşanan örnekleri haklılığımızı ortaya çıkarıyor. Altın, her zaman için dünyanın en güvenilir yatırım aracı oldu. Dünyada yaşanılan tüm sıkıntılı dönemlerde, bunun böyle olduğunu gördük.”
Gelişmekte olan ekonomilerinde altının en iyi yatırım aracı olduğunu keşfetmeye başladığını anlatan Çavuşculu, bu durumun da önümüzdeki süreçte ons fiyatının yükselmesinde etkili olacağını savundu.
ABD Merkez Bankası’nın 8 bin ton, Almanya’nın ise 3 bin ton civarında altın rezervi olduğunu anımsatan Çavuşculu, sürekli büyüyen Çin’in de önümüzdeki süreçte altına yönelebileceğinin altını çizdi. Çavuşculu, Çin’de beklenen bu tarz bir yönelişin de fiyatlardaki artışı tetikleyebileceğini söyledi.
Çavuşculu, düğün, nişan gibi törenlerin vazgeçilmez takılarından olan çeyrek altının fiyatının da 105 liraya kadar ulaştığını söyledi.
Çeyrek altının geçen yıl aynı tarihlerde 60-70 lira civarında olduğunu belirten Çavuşculu,”Ancak onstaki yükselme en çok sattığımız çeyreğe de yansıdı, esnaf 104,5 - 105 liradan çeyrek altın satıyor” dedi.
Çavuşculu, yükselişe rağmen “takı” olması nedeniyle çeyrekteki satışlarında azalma yaşanmadığını belirtirken, alışların ise 100 lira 101 lira civarında olduğunu kaydetti.

Ramazan nedeniyle özellikle durgun bir süreç yaşadıklarını belirten
Çavuşculu, Kurban Bayramı öncesi ise düğünlerde bekledikleri artışın, satışlarına da yansımasını umduklarını söyledi.
Normal günlerde düğün, nişan, sünnet gibi etkinlikler için genelde çeyrek satışı yaptıklarını, düğünlerde ise işçilik yoğun ürünlerin satıldığını hatırlatan Çavuşculu, “Her yıl olduğu gibi kış ayları öncesi düğünlerde artış bekliyoruz. Kurban Bayramı tatili de düğünler için iyi bir zamanlama. Çoğu kişi yakınlarınında yanlarında olduğu bugünlerde düğününü yapmak istiyor. Esnaf doğal olarak bayram öncesi satışlarında bir hareketlilik bekliyor” diye konuştu.

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High Flow Range Mass Coriolis Flow Meter

Ideal for the measurement of flow, density and temperature of liquids and slurries, such as aggressive or contaminated, sanitary or particle-filled fluids.Features:Flow ranges from 60 to 60K Kg/Hr (2.2 to 1650 lb/min) Accuracy up to 0.25% of readingMaterials: flow tubes - 316 L, splitter flanges - 316 Ti, housing - cast ironProcess temperature -40°F to 356°F Ambient temperature -40°F to 140°FWide flow rangesACCURATE AND RELIABLEThis meter has the ability to maintain high accuracy, despite changing viscosity conditions, with accuracy of +0.25% of reading.EASY CLEANINGThe ACM series has smooth stainless steel tubes and no moving parts, and is therefore very easy to flush and clean.MULTI-TASKINGThe ACM series of mass coriolis flow meters measure flow, density and temperature.MATERIAL COMPATIBILITYBecause of the meter's 316 stainless steel flow tubes, the ACM series can measure a wide range of materials.VARIETY OF ELECTRONICSElectronics available for the ACM series include a local, hazardous rated display and a remote, panel-mount digital display.

UC4 certified for use with the Avaloq Banking Syst...

Automated scheduling of Avaloq Banking System (ABS) and enterprise systems with UC4 Workload Automation SuiteVIENNA, February 3, 2009 – UC4 Software, a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions, today announced the certification of UC4 Workload Automation Suite for use with the Avaloq Banking System (ABS) version 2.6. The companies have also signed a partnership agreement that will enhance Avaloq to refer customers requiring a complementary scheduling and automation solution to UC4 Software.“The certification of the UC4 adapter enables organisations to utilise a complementary technology that has been successfully tested and validated against our Model Bank environment,” said Adrian Bult, COO, Avaloq Evolution AG. “Joint customers will be able to increase the return on their existing technology investments leveraging a solution that interfaces directly with the Avaloq Banking System.”Avaloq solutions are changing the IT landscapes within private and retail banks in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and other markets. With UC4 Workload Automation Suite enterprises remove manual intervention, reduce latency and mitigate risk from their end-to-end business processes. The UC4 Business Integration for Avaloq communicates directly with ABS through application interfaces, allowing customers to extend the automated scheduling of their core banking systems and integrate with external applications.UC4 Workload Automation Suite can manage back-end processing for ABS and all other surrounding systems that many finance institutes rely on. Avaloq users receive regular software updates which support banks in remaining compliant with industry regulations. When utilizing additional tools it is important that Avaloq users work with solutions that are compatible and certified for use with Avaloq. This reduces maintenance and support issues and allows joint customers to benefit from the enterprise wide visibility and control provided by UC4.“It gives UC4 great pleasure to extend its relationship with Avaloq,” said Cesare Capobianco, chief executive officer, UC4 Software. “We have benefited from an excellent working partnership working towards receiving this certification. It has allowed us to develop an interface that is compliant with Avaloq’s technical specifications, which also delivers measurable business value to our joint customers.”About AvaloqThe Avaloq Group, with branches in Luxembourg and Singapore, is the Swiss market leader in the field of standard banking software. For over a decade, the Swiss company has been developing and marketing the Avaloq Banking System. It is trusted by leading financial service providers in private, retail and universal banking in international financial centres around the globe. A network of specialists with first-class partners in the areas of implementation, software, service and technology enables Avaloq to offer its clients a comprehensive all-in-one solution – a modular, innovative and integrated standard software for the financial sector. Avaloq is owned by its management and employees.About UC4 SoftwareUC4 Software is a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions that ensure core business processes and enterprise information systems run faster, more accurately and without interruption. More than 1,600 companies worldwide have successfully enhanced application processing performance and improved IT efficiency using UC4’s business acceleration solutions. Customers include American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Cadbury, eBay, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Mattel, McGraw Hill, Panasonic, Robert Bosch, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, T-Systems and Verizon

ASC process systems

ASC is a leading manufacturer of specialized process equipment, control systems, and custom manufacturing software used in the composites, plastics, glass, solar, lumber, and concrete, coatings, and finishing industries. Our product lines include composite autoclaves, glass-laminating autoclaves, concrete autoclaves, industrial ovens, composite ovens, electroplating automation systems, process control software, autoclave control software, oven control software, and crane and hoist control software including scheduling. We're located in Los Angeles, CA and support thousands oAutoclaves and other equipmentASC manufactures a range of process equipment, including autoclaves, ovens, presses, heating systems, cooling systems, vacuum systems, and specialty pressure equipment. We also buy and sell used equipment.systems and hundreds of customers wControl & power systemsASC is a leading supplier of control and power systems for a wide variety of equipment and industries. We specialize in PC-based and PLC-based control solutions. Our PC-based systems typically feature our industry-standard CPC control software package.orldwide.Software for controls and manufacturingASC can develop custom software solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Our CPC software is the world's leading software for control of autoclaves, ovens, and many other applications. Our FLEXTIME software is also the leading PC-based solution for electro-plating and anodizing control

OL-55 On-Line Tensiometer

By continuously measuring surface tension, the OL-55 monitors the level of surface active chemical additives in water-based process liquids. Based on the information from the measurement the operator can either manually dose chemicals into the process or the optional auto-dosing system can be used.On-line tensiometerContinuous monitoring of surface tension and other parameters, including pH, temperature, and conductivity, in various process liquids for optimising the dosing of chemicalsRugged design for factory applicationsFully automatic computer controlled operationPatented technologyBenefitsEliminates overdosing of surfactants - reducing costsControls processes - improves efficiency and qualityReduces waste and improves yieldImproves environmental controlExtends chemical lifetime in processesSpecificationsSurface tension measuring range20 to 80 mN/mResolution0.1 mN/mUpdate time for liquid3 minutes from change in process liquidTemperature measuring range (optional)15 to 85°CpH measuring range (optional)2 to 14Flow rate18 l/hSelf-cleaning filterStandard 100 μm (others by request)Voltage100-240 V (automatic) 50/60 HzPower consumpiton< 60 WFuses315 mADimensions544 x 428 x 236 mm (H x L x D)Optional featuresOn-line pH monitoringOn-line conductivity monitoringOn-line process temperature measurementAutomatic dosing of surfactants and clean water based on measurement data

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Shadyside Hospital,Shadyside Inn Suites is different

Shadyside Inn Suites is different. Your idea of staying in a hotel is about to change. Our suites are not typical hotel rooms. In fact we do not have rooms; we only offer suites. Why are we different? Your suite is a fully furnished apartment with the same amenities as a hotel located in a residential neighborhood. It’s not just any neighborhood, it’s Shadyside, Pittsburgh’s most quaint, trendy, and upscale urban area. Picture Boston’s Newberry Street, or New York’s East Village and you will get an idea of what the Shadyside area is like.
Imagine having your own apartment in the best location in Pittsburgh for as little as a day or for as long as a lifetime. Shadyside Inn Suites is as flexible as you need. Only going to be here for a night? Why not have your own fully equipped apartment? Need somewhere to stay for a month while your house is renovated? Shadyside Inn Suites is your answer. Looking to attend the University for only nine months? Shadyside Inn Suites can accommodate. Think this is going to cost you more than a hotel? Not even close. Our rates are lower, our suites are double the size of any hotel in the area, our parking is free, and our location is unrivaled.
Our suites are located within a block or two of some of the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in Pittsburgh. At your door are 135+ shops, 15+ restaurants and some of the best nightlife in the area. Shop in small boutiques, visit your favorite national store, and dine on cuisines from all over the world. Shadyside living is unmatched.
Stay in Shadyside and still be approximately 4 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and the Convention Center and less than 1 mile from the following hospitals: Presbyterian, Montefiore, Magee Women’s, Falk Clinic, West Penn, Children’s, Shadyside Hospital, and Western Psychiatric
Within 1 mile of the Shadyside Inn Suites is The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Chatham College, and Carlow College.
Besides coming for a visit, the best way to learn about our story is read what other people have said about us. Please click on the following links to read what the professionals have to say.

I want to help you to lose weight fast and healthy


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Why losing weight at home instead of going to the GYM?

Why losing weight at home instead of going to the GYM?

Gym Exercises Hey again! Are you confused and tried lots of things to lose weight? Is


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Effects Studio 4.45 Portable

Effects Studio 4.45 Portable | 25.66 Mb

Photo Effects Studio is a program that will allow you to process your photos by using various filters. With it, you can completely transform any image.Photo Effects allows you to use more than 50 effects, including both traditional and original ones. You will be able to take a look at your photos in the rain and snow, in fog and up in the sky, add some sun light to it or swirl it in a typhoon...You can combine effects and create truly fantastic compositions. It is possible to apply the selected filters both to the entire image and to its parts highlighting the most important fragment of the photo.Photo Effects Studio will help to decorate your home photo album, website and will even allow you to create an original greeting card.

Photo Effects Studio makes it possible to not only process, but also decorate photos. It offers you more than 100 frames and masks that will decorate portraits, landscapes and even simple casual shots.It is important that you can apply effects both before and after you decorate a photo. Combining effects and frames is one of the main features of the program. For example, you can apply a classic frame and then use lighting effects to add realistic sunlight to its contour. Try to use this feature more often and you will see how pretty the images Photo Effects Studio creates are.

Key Features:
· Effects. There are five categories of filters here: color effects, lighting effect, traditional, artistic and distortion filters.
· Decoration. If you open this tab, you will find five types of frames, including classic frames, relief frames, masks, etc.
· Composition. This feature allows you to position your photo on the page in a beautiful way with the help of perspective adjustment. You can make the image fly in space, rotate it, add a shadow or glowing.

Nokia hires Peter Skillman, former Palm Design VP, as MeeGo user experience chief (update: confirmed)

Now this, this is what we call exciting. Nokia has managed to scoop up Peter Skillman from the wreckage of the HP/Palm merger. One of the many senior VPs to leave Palm upon its assimilation into the HP empire, Peter spent 11 years with his previous employer and was in charge of the design team that produced the deliciously curvaceous Palm Pre. Now at Nokia, he'll be heading up the user experience and services division for MeeGo, which means that if you weren't excited for the platform already, you've now got a very good reason to be.

Update: We met with Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President of Design at Nokia, to get comment on this story. His response? "Right, I just hired him." So why not announce it, we asked, this is pretty big news? According to Marko, "We have products today, products are more interesting. Peter is looking after the user experience design of MeeGo and services and is a great new addition to the team." Marko's team, to be specific. To us this seems like another component that could help Nokia break into the US market with MeeGo.

[Thanks, Dave]